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5 of the Cheapest & Best Ways to E-File your Taxes
Both have have free and cheap options available for those who have relatively simple returns, or through the Free File Alliance if you fall with specified age and adjusted gross income ranges. While Turbotax and H&R Block might be the best options for most e-filers, there are other reputable alternatives as well.

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Unfortunately, even if you can get away with filing your federal taxes for free, those pesky state tax returns can sometimes be waiting to eat into your refund. Depending on the software you use, filing your state taxes can cost you up to $40.

The Cheapest Ways to File your Taxes this Year
Interestingly, there are a couple additional days to file taxes this year due to April 15 falling on a Sunday as well as the District of Columbia’s Emancipation Day holiday. That pushes the traditional April 15 deadline to April 17, 2018. Of course, there are always a multitude of options when filing your taxes.

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TaxSlayer is the easiest free online Tax Software. Prepare and E-file your Federal and State Income Taxes online for free!

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Self-Employed Online Tax Filing Self-employed individuals with a slightly more complicated tax situation will need this option. It lets you fill out the full Schedule C. › Podcast

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Turbo Tax is the largest online tax service in America and offers five levels of service, with federal returns running from free to $105 and state returns from an average of $40.

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How We Chose the Best Online Tax Software Free federal 1040EZ and 1040A filing. This was an easy decision for us. If the IRS lets you file a federal return on its website for free, then the best tax prep software should, too.