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11 Used Luxury Cars That Earned Our Top Scores. If you are in the market for a luxury car, used luxury vehicles often come at an exceptional value. This is because they tend to depreciate even more than their non-luxury counterparts. Loaded luxury cars generally see even more substantial reductions. › Home › Car Buying Tips, News, and Features

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That means some of today's best values are well-maintained used luxury cars with a manufacturer-backed warranty. To prove that, we've compiled a list of our favorite "half price" luxury cars that offer a bulletproof warranty and a recent design for less than half their original value.

15 of the Best Cheap Used Luxury Cars You ... - Road & Track
Few cars offer the same combination of luxury and off-road capability as a Land Rover LR4. It's easily the best off-roader on this list, but it still has a beautiful, classically British interior. If you're willing to take a chance on British reliability, the LR4 is a lot of car for very little money.

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Next Winner 2018 Audi A5 Sportback Upping the Ante Last year, when we named the 2017 Audi A4 our Luxury Car Best Buy, we cited both value and luxury as the key reasons this elegant compact all-wheel-drive sedan took home the honors. › Car News

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10 Best Used Luxury Sedans By Benjamin Hunting Used luxury sedans suffer from some of the harshest depreciation on the automotive market, with high end models in particular often seeing their values slashed by as much as 50 percent when it …

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When you’re shopping for a new luxury car, it helps to put price aside, at least to some extent. Because, as you know, it’s not going to be cheap. However, luxury cars …

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Best used luxury cars Powering the A6 is a range of engines that are strong, quiet, yet also efficient. Smart looks mean it has a great image, too, and there’s plenty of kit included as standard.

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Jun 11, 2015 · In Pictures: 15 Best Used Cars Under $25,000. The fine print: All of our top used luxury-car picks are from the 2012 model year, and are assumed to be in excellent mechanical and cosmetic ...