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Best CD Rate Currently Available: Goldman Sachs Bank USA – 12-Month CD – 2.30% APY. Marcus by Goldman Sachs® is currently offering one of the highest CD rates available on a 12-month CD. While this CD is technically not a jumbo CD, it offers a rate that is too good to pass up.

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Along with stellar long-term CD options, Capital One 360 has a one-year CD with an APY of 2.30%. Its five-year CD earns an APY of 2.90%. The online bank also offers excellent checking and savings accounts, making Capital One 360 ideal for customers looking to keep all of their accounts with the same institution.

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At internet banks, the highest 1-year CD rates were only around 1.25%, and the highest 5-year CD rates were around 2%. A year ago on July 2017, the economy had improved and the Fed had hiked rates three times from the … › CD Rates Summary July 3, 2018

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Finding the best 10-year CD rates Since few banks and credit unions offer 10-year CDs, finding the best rates may be challenging. Compare offers with deposits backed by the federal government.

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Find the best CD rates by comparing national and local rates. A Certificate of Deposit is a type of savings account that has a set interest rate and withdrawal date.

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3-Year CD Rates 3-Year CD rates are usually higher than 2-year CD rates, but lower than 4-year CD rates and are considered a mid- to long-term CD in terms of maturity period. Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are time deposits bought by an individual in order to earn an established rate of return within a fixed time period.

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Interest rates for CDs are denoted as APY, which stands for “annual percentage yield.” (Don’t confuse APY for APR, which means “annual percentage rate” and relates to loans and credit cards.) If you put $500 in a one-year CD with a 1.10 percent APY, you would make $5.50 in interest after the year-long term.

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Who has the best CD rates now? There are a large number of banks offering CDs and many compete to have the best CD rates so shop around using the tool to get the right CD for your financial situation and goals. Consider seven factors as you shop for the best CD rates.

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Looking for the best 10 Year CD Rates (Certificate of Deposit)? Review the Top High Yield Certificate of Deposit rates. Compare the Best 10 Year CD Rates (Certificate of Deposit).