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A CD is a Certificate of Deposit, which is a type of savings account, found at banks and credit unions, that pays a set interest rate on money deposited.

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Looking for the best CD Rates (Certificate of Deposit) Rates? Review the Top High Yield Certificate of Deposit rates. Compare the Best CD Rates (Certificate of Deposit) Rates. FDIC insured Banks. Highest APY Interest Rate. Highest Yield CD Rates.

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Perhaps you’ve decided to build a CD ladder within your IRA, or maybe you’re looking for a safe way to store your retirement cash for a specific period of time. Whatever the reason, you’re interested in getting an IRA CD and, understandably, want to know what products will give you the best rate of return.

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Putting money in a CD from a bank or credit union can be a safe way to stash your savings and earn a little interest. These days, interest rates are low, which means you won't get astronomical returns from a CD.

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Other Top Certificates Of Deposit To Review. It can be hard to shop for a CD because of all the different options available. While the table above has the highest rates you'll find each day, we also wanted to provide some context to these banks.

Best 1-Year CD Rates November 2018 -
The best 12-month CDs are federally insured and offer fixed interest rates. Barclays, Synchrony and Marcus by Goldman Sachs are among banks with top rates.

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The best 1-year CD rates pay more than three times the national average of 0.80 percent APY, according to Bankrate’s most recent national survey of banks and thrifts.

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Finding the best CD rates can be complicated with the endless offers on the market. But you’ll quickly find the right CD for you by comparing CD rates with our best-in-class picks.

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Finding the Best CD Rates. A certificate of deposit (CD) is a deposit account that works much like a savings account, with a few exceptions. In fact, taking advantage of current CD rates with a certificate of deposit account can help you grow your savings faster, while keeping funds safe and secure. › Banking

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A high yield Certificate of Deposit (CD) by Discover Bank, Member FDIC offers some of the highest rates available. Explore our CD options & CD rates today. › Online Banking Home

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With a CD account you know exactly what interest rate you’ll receive during the term. Roll over your Chase CD at the end of its term to keep growing your savings.

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CD and Retirement CD interest is compounded daily. Depending on the term, you may choose to have your CD interest paid monthly, quarterly or at maturity.

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Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 10/31/2018 and applies to the initial term of a new Featured CD. Featured CDs have a 12-month term. We may change the interest rate and APY at any time without prior notice.

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Ally. Do It Right. Compare Ally Bank's CD Rates for High Yield CD, Raise Your Rate CD & No Penalty CD with the competition. Ally Bank Member FDIC.